A long, well-researched letter to the staff of the Hand.

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A long, well-researched letter to the staff of the Hand. Empty A long, well-researched letter to the staff of the Hand.

Post  Cythric on Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:30 am

A paper on phsycological evaluations of potentially hazardous applicants to join the Hand.

By Solarion Cythric.

There are many aspects involving a the recruitment of a new member into an order such as the Hand of the Titans. Several of these aspects include the background of the applicant, what the applicant can add to the Hand, what the Hand can add to the applicant, and the general personality and outward social skills of the applicant.

However, there is an unmentioned aspect that can sometimes be even more hazardous than the enemies someone brings with him- or herself into the order. Which is the phsychological background of the person and any possible hidden taints or motives. These are never easy to actually discover, but they are usually indicated by the feeling of something being slightly off. Just the tiniest bit of suspicion that won't go away through thinking logically.

At this moment, I think it would be wise to refer someone to a person specializing in troubles and issues of the mind and mental state. Before the interview is concluded and a decision has been made preferably. I realise it would be more effort for both the Hand itself and the applicant, but on the other hand I believe it would certainly benifit the wellfare of the hand, and root out any possible evildoers. And the extra effort would make the applicants we -do- get more serious and determined to be a good member of the order.

So, to sum it up more practically. If something feels truly off about an applicant, like they might have alterior motives or more appropriately, a phsychological trauma that could possibly disrupt guild affairs, my suggestion would be to refer them to a specialist for at least one session to research this more properly. The therapist/social worker/psychologist should then advise whether to decline or accept the application, or to accept it on the promise of attending more sessions to keep things in check, or work out those problems.

I hope you will take this into consideration, but of course the final decision lies with the leadership of the Hand of the Titans.

Best regards,

Solarion Cythric.


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