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The start of something beautiful... Empty The start of something beautiful...

Post  Jimothi on Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:01 pm

It was around three in the morning when Mayhem staggered down the crooked stone steps, to find Zhaatosael, in all her glory, hunched over a small stone slab table, seemingly sewing Mischief a new arm onto her shoulder. Her wings nearly filled the entire room, and the floor was covered in deep scratches from where she'd walked. With a twitch of her long, pointed ear, she rolled her shoulders and pulled her wings in closer to her back, allowing Mayhem the space to get closer.

"Come. I must tell you something." she turned to say to Mayhem, through her sharp, green teeth.
She leaned back, allowing Mischief to get up and leave up the same dark stairwell. Mayhem nodded at her before looking back up at the demon.
"Yes, mother?"
"I have no further use for you, as you are."
Mayhem blinked, before looking back at the stairwell. Before he had chance to figure out a way of escaping, her large clawed hand was already casting, tearing his very essence from his physical form. He let out a scream, but the sound was quickly consumed, leaving no trace of him other than an empty body he once controlled.

"There, my sweet. I will make use of you later."
Zhaatosael opened her hand, dropping a small purple shard into a jar and carefully placing it onto a shelf. She hunched over, and with a few disgusting cracking and squelching noises, proceeded to make use of Mayhem's old body...

Zhaatosael has been defeated once by the Hand of the Titans. She is known to be a, and during her last appearance, created two henchmen for herself, Mischief and Mayhem, using the essences of Lokkii and Ezra's transporter malfunction-obtained evil twins.
Fun stuff, right?

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