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Ellisiia Coldwind, known to most as Elle or Elli, is a Sin'Dorei Rogue, she was brought up by guardians, in Kalimdor, because her father wanted to keep his twin daughters apart for reasons he has still failed to specify. She was later joined by her baby brother Reinier, who is now taller than her, and who is incidentally the only person she ever cared about whilst growing up, she'd give her life to protect him and can be over protective, often ruffling his hair or calling him silly nicknames, her favourite of which is Reicakes.
Her father told her guardians she was not allowed to train in anything other than being a good housewife as he thought, no thanks to her sister, that she would be completely useless for anything else. She began her Rogue training behind his back. She is however an excellent cook and very good at looking after people, though she'd rather cut her own tongue out than admit to that.
Thanks to her upbringing and the fact that she hadn't had any friends until recently Elle is terrified of caring about anybody who isn't Reinier. She initially was quite open to trying to be friends but recently her fears have gotten the best of her and she has been shying away from company and drinking heavily at Brewfest, though this is also tradition and she does so every year.
Elle has a great loyalty to family, though she doesn't respect Yukinn, her father, very highly as he doesn't respect her. She only learnt about Lokkii recently and finds being around her a little hard as, in her eyes, Lokkii got the better end of the deal, no matter what hardships she has been through she has friends and a husband, something Elle has never had. She also treats Loke as if she is Reiniers age rather than as old as her.
Linking in to her fear of commitment and friendship Elle is petrified of being hit on, and often responds either by getting flustered or being outright rude and standoffish. She has no idea what her sexuality actually is but never really considered women as a possiblility as she was supposed to marry a man and be a good housewife.
Having grown up around Orcs she is hard as nails and doesn't back down from a fight, no matter how stupid, she will not stand back and allow herself to be insulted or pushed around.
She has long blonde hair, it was briefly black whilst she was in disguise, and then she messed it up and it went bright orange. It still retains a yellowy tint as opposed to her natural platinum. She is short, even for a blood elf and doesn't ever wear dresses or make up, in fact she hates them and would rather be in armor at all times, she will wear nicer clothing on special occasions but still no dresses so far. Even though Loke wants to put her in one. A matching one. She hasn't given in yet but lets see how much whining she can stand from somebody she can't hit to shut up.

Aelis Everbreeze is a Sin'Dorei Paladin. Her name is actually pronounced "Alice". She prefers light magic as opposed to fel energies, especially after seeing her best friend, Telmarine, a Warlock, get addicted to fel mana and then go crazy.
She chose to become a Paladin because she wanted to try and stay away from dark magic, whilst still feeding her racial addiction because she didn't want to end up like Rinie.
She hates the scourge and wants to be an active part of eradicating it.
Aelis is rather cultured and enjoys theatre and art, she has an appreciation for fine wines, though she drinks in moderation. She is an irrepressable flirt, but she tries to contain herself unless somebody else starts, then they're fair game.
Aelis is very sociable and enjoys the company of others, though she can be a little nieve on who she'll speak to she is a good judge of character and not opposed to lying to get herself away from those she doesn't trust.
She spends most of her time in armor but she does have a fondness for pretty dresses and loves any occasion where she has an excuse to wear one. She has black hair, which she often keeps in a ponytail for the sake of keeping it out of her way. She is average height and very toned.


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