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Zul’Gurub, formerly a 20-man raid instance for level 60 players, has returned as a heroic-only 5-player dungeon for players at the level of 85. The large outdoor area is located in Northern Stranglethorn. With Hakkar defeated, Jin’do the Godbreaker returned and took up residence in Zul’Gurub, holding the pet of the Old Gods prisoner.

High Priest Venoxis

Phase 1: Humanoid Form

Venoxis will frequently use Whispers of Hethiss, channeling a green beam at a random player. This should be interrupted.

A Toxic Link will be also frequently used to link two random players to each other, however it seems to never affect the tank. Run away from each other to break the link, but stay away from party members as the broken link will erupt in a Toxic Explosion which deals AoE damage.

Phase 2: Serpent Form

This phase is initiated by Venoxis transforming into a serpent using the Blessing of the Snake God. He will no longer use his abilities from the first phase, but receive new ones as well as an increase of 100% in physical damage dealt.

Immediately drag him off the green Pool of Acrid Tears he summons before and after his Breaths. These will deal massive damage to you, so keeping your eye on the ground is crucial to survival.

Venoxis frequently uses Breath of Hethiss which will hit anyone in a wide and 10 yard long cone. If you stand in these for longer than a second, you’re dead.

At the end of the serpent phase he will walk to his altar and channel Bloodvenom, summoning three Bloodvenom Tendrils. These tendrils will target a random player and follow after them, dealing massive damage to anyone close. Here you should stack up in one corner at the beginning and run together, so you do not lead your tendril into someone else.

After Bloodvenom, Venoxis will suffer from Venom Withdrawal, stunning him and making him take 100% more damage for 10 seconds. Then he will transform into his humanoid form and start phase 1 again.

If you keep dying in the second phase, consider stopping melee DPS entirely and just concentrate on running through the maze until he does Bloodvenom.

Bloodlord Mandokir

The fight still resembles the original encounter in some ways. You will face-off against Mandokir and his raptor Ohgan, and you will have a number of 8 Chained Spirits at your disposal, each one granting you an one-time resurrection which also buffs Mandokir. Fortunately for Mandokir and his raptor and unfortunately for you, Ohgan has learned to kill these spirits.

Mandokir will often perform Bloodletting on a random player, draining 50% of the target’s current health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. The healer will need to heal that player very quickly after the spell is over.

Mandokir starts the fight mounted on his raptor, but once he dismounts he will start using Devastating Slam. This will let spikes shoot up from the ground in a cone, inflicting massive damage to anyone standing there. If you see red ground, get out of it! Try not to waste your rezzes on this ability.

Decapitate is an instant-kill ability that you can’t avoid, but fortunately Mandokir won’t be doing it too often. If you still have Chained Spirits available, these will offer you a resurrection.

After dismounting, his raptor Ohgan will immediately run towards the Chained Spirits. You have two ways to deal with this: either slowing Ohgan by using all possible stuns and snares, or killing him, thus putting him down for several seconds. This won’t last long—Mandokir will Reanimate Ohgan after a short time.

At 20%, Mandokir will enrage into an undispellable Frenzy, making his attack speed 100% faster. Use whatever cooldowns you have available.
Each time a player dies, Mandokir will Level Up, increasing his damage dealt by 20%. The buff stacks.

Edge of Madness(Hazza’rah)
Hazza’rah is a troll ghost boss that can randomly spawn from the Edge of Madness event in Zul’Gurub. The summoning of a random boss requires a player with a high skill of Archaeology to inspect several ancient artifacts and activate them.

Hazza’rah periodically summons adds via Nightmare. These adds target a player and stun them with Waking Nightmare. If the add reaches the targeted player, it will use Consume Soul and kill the player.

High Priestess Kilnara
Phase 1: Humanoid Form

Kilnara will mainly cast Shadow Bolt throughout phase 1. This spell can be interrupted.

Both Lash of Anguish and Tears of Blood will also be frequently cast. While you can and should interrupt the Tears of Blood static AoE channel (purple flecks floating towards the ground), you cannot interrupt Lash of Anguish.

Another visible ability that cannot be interrupted is Wave of Agony, where Kilnara will channel a huge purple wave wall. If you fail to get behind her, you will be knocked back far and suffer shadow damage.

She will also cast Wail of Sorrow which cannot be avoided. Simply heal through it.

Pride of Bethekk
Before the fight, you will notice four packs with four Pride of Bethekk each in Dark Slumber. It is your goal to kill these before you bring Kilnara to 50%. You have the option of pulling a full pack with your tank and Kilnara in his tow, which is fast; or having your DPS pull a panther one by one while your tank occupies Kilnara, which is slow. If you do not kill these before Kilnara reaches 50%, you will have to fight the ones left alive. To awake a panther, drop a Temple Rat nearby. Temple Rats can be looted inside of the Altar of Bethekk.

Phase 2: Panther Form

At 50% health Kilnara will receive a Primal Blessing, transforming into the Avatar of Bethekk. She will also start gaining Rage of the Ancients, stacking every 5 seconds, and the temple will Cave In, dealing damage to everyone. Any panthers you haven’t killed by now will intervene in the fight.

Kilnara will also use Ravage, dealing damage to a single target and Vengeful Smash, dealing AoE damage.

At around 15%, she will briefly go into Camouflage to irritate your party, and then reappear.

This fight is very dynamic. Note the three cauldrons from which you will get specific buffs to counter Zanzil’s attacks lying around the room.

Zanzil regularly casts Terrible Tonic on a random player which cannot be avoided. Simply heal though it. He also uses Voodoo Bolt which should be interrupted.

He will also cast Zanzili Fire frequently, creating a bright line of fire that deals ticking damage to anyone standing in it.

One of the random special spells Zanzil will use against you is Zanzil’s Graveyard Gas. The entire area will be flooded with green gas, and you should immediately get Toxic Torment from the green cauldron to survive.

Another special ability is Zanzil’s Resurrection Elixir. This will resurrect one Zanzili Berserker on which you will have to focus while having him taking massive damage and stunned by Frostburn Formula from the blue cauldron.

When Zanzil uses Zanzil’s Resurrection Elixir to raise his Zanzili Zombies, have your tank pick up Burning Blood from the red cauldron and aggro the zombies. AoE them down and have the DPS pick up Burning Blood as well to speed things up. Remember that Burning Blood will also damage friendly players, so be sure to heal your party.

Jin’do the Godbreaker
Phase 1: Reality

Throughout this phase, Jin’do will summon a Deadzone several times. Have the tank pull Jin’do immediately out of it, but be ready to go in yourself when he starts casting Shadows of Hakkar to take less magic damage. Otherwise, your party should stay outside since it reduces your casting speed and ultimately, damage done to Jin’do.

Deadzone is closely tied to Shadows of Hakkar. When you see him channeling Shadows of Hakkar, go into the Deadzone, but keep him out after he has finished his cast. Once his Shadows of Hakkar buff runs out, he will create a new Deadzone you need to drag him out of.

Phase 2: Irreality

After a short time, Jin’do will Vanish, and you enter the Spirit World. The goal is to destroy the three Hakkar’s Chains, each protected by a Brittle Barrier.

While your party members split up and position themselves near chains, your tank will need to pull a Gurubashi Spirit, and have him Body Slam at one of the chains. Once that chain’s barrier is broken, the party member should move to another chain. Keep doing this for the rest of the chains, and then finish the spirit off. Then destroy each chain one by one.

Throughout the phase, Twisted Spirits will keep appearing and pose a nuisance to your party. They can be soloed one-on-one, but you will be overrun if you face too many. Have your ranged DPS pick them off from a distance or have the tank taunt to avoid healers getting aggro. If you keep dying to too many spirits, consider killing the Gurubashi Spirit once he destroys a barrier, and destroy that chain, AoEing down the adds in the process. Repeat this for each chain.

Black/purple spikes flying through the air are caused by Shadow Spike from whose impact you need to stay away. These deal huge damage especially if you stand in the purple void zones.

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