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Character name: Caerule
IC name: Caerule Agos
Nicknames: Caer, Caerule, “Emissary”.
Expertise: Scholar, engineer, diplomat, weapon master, apprentice-level mage, “hunter”.
Physical description:
Caerule Agos is rarely seen without his goggles. His hair is dark blue and he stands about as tall as the average elf. He prefers wearing a noble outfit in his spare time, showing of his position as a diplomat. When he feels there is greater risk he may instead be wearing a decorative set of blue and gold armor. In need, he wears a much sturdier but much less comfortable brown armor. He was a red lynx named Alry he sometimes calls on.

Caer is diplomatic and caring most of the time and will go out of his way to help those he thinks need it. He is a curious thinker and a diplomat, enjoying a good debate or problem to solve. His inability to abide acts of cruelty, malice and murder, and tendency to spy on people he considers suspicious, do put him in the midst of trouble frequently.

Caer greatly values his family, friends and wife Nielethiel and would do anything to keep them safe. To his wife he has sworn an oath to under all circumstances do his best to preserve his life. That oath is likely the biggest reason why one such as he hasn’t ended up sacrificing himself for some noble goal yet.

Caer comes from a studied background, with great knowledge of past events and some mastery of magic and science. Setting out into the world, he quickly found himself with a weapon in his hand, helping people and performing tasks. His scholarly knowledge proved insufficiently applicable to the real world, and he struggled to gain mastery of weapons, and explored the cultures of the Horde’s races in person, to fill in blanks in his knowledge, obtain unprejudiced information and gain knowledge of the cultures less inclined to write things down. Aiding people where he went, he was eventually endorsed to become an Ambassador of the Horde. He also met his beloved Nielethiel, who he married after a long engagement, and used his magic to bind the minds of creatures to his will, to aid him when his own weapons were not enough to overcome foes.

Aided by his companions, his magic, and his engineering, he managed to overcome the difficulties of surviving the world of Azeroth, and compensate his lack of strength training and absence of bond with the natural world. He walks a path different from most who are considered hunters, though he is still often considered one because he has mastered overlapping skills.

Recent events in Northrend drove Caer to depression not too long ago, and convinced him the world was doomed to destruction. He has managed to snap out of it again, and now seeks to attempt and stand against the destruction he still believes is to come.


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