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Post  Nlaea on Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:46 am

Righto, Antus and Dussk kindly informed me this morning that Moonglade has a Wikia page, but the only way people are going to get something out of it is if they're going to put something into it. What'cha need to do it make pages for your characters, including basic information, a brief history, personality, all that jazz. Then you can also use it to look for other characters, so if you see someone who looks like a pretty awesome guy you can find his profile on there and read about the character, or find characters that'd be good for you to roleplay with. So. I'm going to plonk a link down to the thread related to it on the Moonglade forums, and a link to the Wikia itself. What you lot need to do is go on there and create a page about your character(s).

Moonglade Forums Post
Moonglade Wikia

And a note for Caerule,
You can also make a page on there about guilds, so I think you should make a page for Hand of the Titans there, because it'll help advertise, and give good publicity! Doooo iiiit...


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