FlagRSP and MRP description logs.

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FlagRSP and MRP description logs. Empty FlagRSP and MRP description logs.

Post  Jimothi on Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:04 pm

I just thought of a new topic. Here is a space in which you can type out and keep your character's MRP or FlagRSP descriptions.
I sometimes find I have to rewrite them for old characters, or I've written them out, reset my game and lost them all.

So, you can type them here, edit them later, and paste them back into the game when and if you lose them! Smile
I'll be keeping my own here in one post, just re-editing them later on.

Edit: I thought I'd add a template for ease of description-writing. Roz gave me the idea this afternoon. Here are some things worth mentioning:

-Head to toe/body.
-Anything else that's noticable. E.g. Jewellry, tattoos, trinkets.

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