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Character name: Roznak
IC name: Roznak Beastheart
Nicknames: Rozzy, Roz, Beastheart
Expertise: Hand-to-hand combat, Great weapons, Mining, Hunting.
Physical Description: Roznak is a huge orc, standing at 2.5 meters he is comparable to even small taurens in bulk. his skin is rugged and leathery from harsh days working under the sun and in mines. His body is covered in scars inflicted from all manners of injuries, some of the most outstanding done by demons, or greater adversaries. He is usually dressed in massive plated armour of different kind, sporting his many weapons, adorned with fetishes, totems and markings from great enemies. When found in other clothing than plate armour, it is usually nothing but a simple kilt wrapped around his waist, and perhaps a set of shoulderguards.

Personality: Roznak struggles with his brutal nature, born with a bloodlust greater than most of kin. He angers quickly, and if spurned will seek swift retribution. Even so he has a great sense of honor, not afraid to bow down if proved wrong, and loyal to those he sees as comrades. His greatest respect comes to the warrior heroes of the Horde, Grom Hellscream and Rexxar of the Mok'nathal and Thrall Warchief of the Horde. It is the ideals of these people that he strive to live by.

History: Roznak's mother died at childbirth, leaving Roznak to the care of his father, Grimjaw One-eye, a gladiator of some renown. He, however, cared little for the child and left it with his clan, The Blackskulls. The members of this clan were cruel, setting themself aside from the Horde, living by traditions made up by themselves. Roznak was brough up as an outsider, used for manual labor, looked down upon, not truly embraced as a member of the clan. As he entered adulthood he ventured out, leaving his clan for good. He joined the Horde, living as a grunt, highly regarded for his tremendous strength and unstoppable rage when facing his foes. The tragedy happended on the battlefield though, when Roznak lost all control of himself, slaughtering an entire city along with his own squadron. His primal rage always lurked beneith the surface since then, forcing him into a berserkers rage when agitated the slightest. In the end Roznak left the forces of the Horde, setting out on a self-imposed exile in the wilds of Kalimdor.

When Roznak returned from his long exile, he entered a guild for a little time. This time was gruesome, as an enemy warlock of the guild found a way to taint Roznak, warping his flesh with demonic energies, conducting experiments with fel blood and countless hours of torture upon him. When Roznak finally escaped it was after the opening of the Dark Portal, and he found himself in Outland, surrounded by demon. Once again he lost himself in his primal rage, roaming the forsaken planet alone for months, feeding on the flesh of all that he encountered, demon and beast alike. His memories of this are gone, his mind refusing to aknowledge the atrocities he commited. Within this time, a powerful demon was locked away within him, haunting his dreams and further corrupting his flesh and spirit, increasing his already abnormal rage into a true blood fury. Only recently, with the help of Gosa, has he regained enough control of himself, to keep down the demons whisperings and the fury that lives within him.


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