Cap'n Ruz. Signing off, Team.

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Cap'n Ruz. Signing off, Team. Empty Cap'n Ruz. Signing off, Team.

Post  Ruz on Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:39 pm


So most of you know but to make it official, I'm indefinately leaving World of Warcraft. My subscription runs out on Tuesday the 25th. Real life issues, I won't bore you with the whole details, but I have an addictive personality and the time I should be spending socialising and networking in my career, I'm spending RPing, levelling, raiding, and derping with you guys. Which I LOVE.

But the two can't co-exist anymore, and I need to be spending more time in RL.
As I'm sure Nate knows, to get on in this industry you have to be EVERYONE'S friend, go to ALL the networking events, spend EVERY WAKING SECOND making applications and new CV's, headshots, websites, online profiles,generally whoring myself out, blah blah blah, I said I wouldn't bore you.

Also my laptops so crappy that I couldn't really fully enjoy Cata content anyway, and I'm about done with the LK stuff now.

Anyway lately I've been getting a lot more auditions, which is great, but I've got to keep that momentum up.

I've been thinking about it for ages, so here it is, maturity strikes, chaps.

I'm on and offline over the next couple of days desperately trying to get Ruz to 80 for a landmark to leave on, and in that time I might try getting in some IC goodbyes, or maybe write a few IC letters if I run out of time. I'm really busy RL so don't be offended if I don't get round to you, but here's a massive thank you to you guys-you're absolutely ace, and thank you all so much for the WOW experience you've given me, and your patience with my derping/lagspiking, your invaluable advice on gear and levelling zones, your boosts and your patience in raids as Ruz chases Ramone halfway around Serpent Shrine Cavern because he saw a Naga that looked tasty.

It's maybe not permanent, once I've got more money or more time, or maybe should the fates will it,both, I'll be back on in a flash, the game client is staying on my computer, but that won't be for a while yet.

Also, some people were talking about extending the RPing experience over to the forum, for maybe some backstories, some stuff like that, but THAT kind of thing I will have time for, to come on here and maybe make a few IC posts from the grave, mayhaps explaining Ruz and Valth's sudden disappearance as I don't have time right this moment, maybe post "Ruz's gyde ta trackin da scaly lizard tings" or Valth's "Ten things you should ALL know about what the Magisters REALLY keep under that cloth armour".

I've been prattling.

I'm sure I'll speak to you all over the next few days.

In case I don't see you, Si Wukk Kive You All...ya silly elfiegirlyboy tings.


The CAP'n.



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Cap'n Ruz. Signing off, Team. Empty Re: Cap'n Ruz. Signing off, Team.

Post  Caeruleagos on Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:48 pm

I am sure I speak for all of us when I say you will be greatly missed. You are a good RPer, a friend, and a valued member of the team.

I'd ramble on and on here normally, but there is no need. You'll no doubt miss us as we'll miss you. Your friends of the Hand of the Titans will be awaiting your return in anticipation.

Good luck during this phase of you life Ruz. May you succeed in all you put your mind to.

-The Hand of the Titans.


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