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Character name: Agnatum
IC name: Lord Agnatum Lister'al of the House of Shali'sha
Nicknames: Nate
Expertise: Pyromancy, demonology, flirtation, the aristocracy, fel energies.

Physical description: Agnatum, or "Nate" to anyone who knows him, is not your average caster. Where-as most would not focus on the physical aspects on their bodies; Nate seems to take pride in his. He is very muscular, and looks rather like a ranger than a Warlock.
He has deep green eyes that one could fall into, a chiselled jaw, a straight nose that seems to sit perfectly on his face and his bottom lip is a little bigger than his top; he also has dimples in his cheeks when he smiles or smirks. His chin is strong and masculine and there is a scar that runs from the bottom of it up to the tip of his nose, though thin it holds a crescent moon shape.
Nate is best known for wearing highly fashionable cloths which he has clearly had since he was a young Lord, often seen in blue, it is his favourite colour, though he has been branching out, as he was once mistaken for Gosa's brother which freaked him out entirely.
His snowy blonde hair seems to grow quickly, though Nate seems to like keeping it short, and messed up in a very specific way, like he spent hours making sure it looked perfectly messy. He also seems to like headbands and circlets, often wearing them to hold his quiff in place.
It's hard to not agree that Nate is handsome, he has been blessed with natural good looks. He walks with a gentle swagger that hints at a mild vanity and arrogance, there's no reason not to when "ya look this good".

Nate is complex; though he seems quite one dimensional as a man about town, he has more recently been seen to be a caring member of the Hand. Having come from being fully addicted to fel mana he had some trouble turning himself around, and so is trying his hardest to change his bad reputation, which got him into trouble a couple of times, almost resulting in his head being cut off and further resulting in a small scar on his face.
When Nate first appeared he would flirt with anything, seeming almost addicted to women, he found it very hard to not approach them and try it on, this changed when he met and kissed Gosa, who still harbours a mild grudge against him, he began to realise that his actions had some serious consequences when Reilai damaged his face almost irreparably, though eventually he had it healed, he was going to keep it and take revenge on her.
Nate came to the hand after being arrested and has been trying to redeem himself ever since. He has been showing a more vulnerable, caring side ever since. He seems to care deeply for Gosa in a platonic way, and has been more open about his past and his failures. More so he has been letting people get to know the real him, which worries him but also lends itself to making him a better Sin'dorei.

Nate is a Lord, it is no lie and he is the last remaining heir of the House of Shali'sha. His mother was a maid who became his father's Mistress, much to the disdain of his fathers Wife; Seranae. He has two sisters, one older and one younger; Sinistrada and Rosali, both of whom are now dead. He also had two half-brothers and a half-sister: Solarum, Sahren and Solaras. Each of these heirs has been killed, unfortunately each has been killed because of murder.

The House of Shali'sha was run by worshippers of dark magicks, and Nate was brought up in an environment filled with corruption and darkness. His half-broether Sahren had been brought up quite insane, and he grew infatuated with the young Lord Agnatum. Though Nate declined his advances he was eventually forced by his Stepmother to become Sahren's plaything, cursed to enjoy the pain Nate still has flashbacks of it to this day. Nate was bound to his house and to suffer, whilst his sister Sinistrada went off and became a Guard of the city of Quel'thelas , eventually things would change... Seranae left to become a member of the Cult of the Damned, his father abused his mother horribly for years on end.

When Arthas came and attacked Silvermoon the fight was dire; Agnatum lost his mother who was eaten alive in front of him, his father was taken away whether to be killed or for another reason is still unknown. Agnatum managed to escape via the nearby ocean and saw the destruction of his beloved Sunwell; it was then the addiction became apparent.

Nate was now alone, he spent a few days at sea with only minuscule supplies to keep him, and the pangs for mana grew stronger and stronger, he eventually returned to find a broken Silvermoon, half his city had been destroyed including his home. He found out his sister was still alive, and then proceeded to grow more and more hungry for mana, he watched as those around him grew ill with the pain, and eventually noticed crates appearing through-out the city, eventually these crates were opened and Fel Crystals were beginning to surround him. Nate made a home in Murder Row, and had somehow found Bloodthistle; Nate was also taken in by a group of "Fel Suckers" who had come into knowlege of how to manipulate the energies they had been using to quell their addiction; Nate became obsessed, his bloodthistle and fel addiction not causing him to become rather delusional about his purpose, and he studied all he could in the arts of Fel manipulation, which in turn gave a euphoric feeling, having only before been adept in pyromancy this was new and just as addictive as anything else he had experienced.

Eventually Nate summoned his first demon, and then he disappeared off the radar. Not even he remembers where he went, and two years for him seemed to simply blend together. Flashes of murders, blood, destruction and hedonism filled his mind, but the the Sunwell was restored, and he woke up, abilities intact but fairly damaged from all he had been doing. He found himself once more eventually, but became a conman for a while before finding out his sister was dead. The shock of this has now lead him to find redemption, though his past seems to be creeping up on him slowly, and though he may try and run, he knows that this time; there is no escape.

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