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Post  Caeruleagos on Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:20 am

Character name: Gosá
IC name: Arcanist Gosa
Nicknames: None yet.
Expertise: Scholar, alchemist, diplomat, arcanist, aspirant magistrix.
Physical description:
Gosa is a young girl with dark blue hair. She is just a little shorter than the average elf. She has a variety of outfits; though gold and blue colors are a common factor among practically all of them. Not seen in dresses unless there is a special occasion. Her big eyes are quite expressive and give her an easy inquisitive and excited appearance, most of the time. She has a healthy well-nourished body, seemingly lacking in scars. Her skin is pale and she is often squinting her eyes, indicative of a life spent mostly on indoor studies. Though well-built, she would be considered cute more than hot, as she has a rather innocent appearance.

Gosa is a girl with two sides to her. She carries very strong emotions inside and things impact her deeply. She’s not above cheering excitedly or breaking out in tears openly. She is loyal in nature and extremely caring. Inquisitive in nature, she is as excited and ready to toss herself into an investigation, as she is taking the chance to do something fun for her friends. She is very insecure about her own abilities, believing her skills inferior to that of others. That does not stop her from jumping head-first into danger however, standing up to dangers she believes she can’t handle.

One major flaw of Gosa is that she is incredibly naïve. She will believe credible lies with little doubt and is easily tricked. She struggles with sarcasm and double meanings. She is equally lost in romantic areas, failing often to pick up on flirtation, innuendo and hints. She possesses a strong trust and faith in her friends and those who seem friendly.

There is a second side to Gosa. She seems able to turn off her normal emotional side. She seems to dislike having to do this, but it is a part she often relies on if a situation turns bad, or if she is protecting something she values. In this state, she seems to shift her mind to a plane of logic and reason. Her attitude can come across as cold has her magic at such times. She will talk and stare people down and appeal to their sense of reason. Bluffed or not, she would seem more than confident of her own abilities in that state, sometimes even overconfident. The air of authority she attains in that state is strong, but normally remains hidden away.

Weak or not, Gosa is unable to stand by when people get hurt, and is subject to dangerous acts of heroism. Though she believes her skills extremely limited, she does not hesitate to risk herself for others. This, combined with her curiosity and naivety, often means she encounters many problems.

I just erased this. It needs looooooads of updating. Too much to let it stand as it is. I'll.. get to it soon.. Soonish...


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