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APPEARANCE: Bainî stands at 5'9", so is hardly short. She appears somewhat slight, but is physically strong nonetheless. Her hair is golden-blonde, and is worn in a sensible ponytail, with all of her hair swept behind her ears, since otherwise it irritates her. Her breasts are rather small, a small B at best. Her eyes are pale green, nearly turquoise, and her facial expression generally tends to radiate warmth and friendliness. On her right ring finger is a wedding band, gold, with a small diamond set in it, while on the left is a thicker golden ring shaped into the likeness of a dragon with its own tail in its mouth. Generally speaking, Bainî very much appears to be 'cute', and a trusting and kind expression upon her face certainly helps with that.

HISTORY:Bainî Matamyr (née Aeravir) was born and grew up in the western part of Silvermoon, now the Ruins of Silvermoon, a little west of Dawning Lane, to a lower-middle-class family. She had a rather sheltered childhood, her parents keeping her mostly to the studies pressed upon her to become a priestess of the Light. Due to this, she grew naive, completely unlearned in much beyond language and the profession she was taught. Social or other matters she was completely clueless about. At least, however, her studies paid off, and the girl became quite capable in wielding the Light, for the purposes of healing and renewal, warmth and happiness, much to match her own soft and caring personality. The only real friend, or social interaction at all, she had during her childhood was a male a year older than herself, Thandor, who himself was unavailable for much of the time due to training similar to Bainî's only in that it was to wield the light. But in heavy armour and swinging a sword. The pair grew close, and eventually began to date, when Bainî was old enough to finally be allowed out of her parents clutches. They fell in love, and eventually married, not long after Bainî's 70th birthday. Their relationship was never approved of by her parents, though Thandor's welcome and encouraged it, having disapproved of how Bainî's parents had 'shut her in'. For ten years, the pair lived happily together in a small house not far from their childhood homes, for the Matamyr's, Thandor's family, had been far richer than the Aeravir's, Bainî's family, and had given him, along with his own earnings, more than enough for Thandor and Bainî to live in comfort and happiness, eventually getting round to trying for a baby.

Unfortunately, however, it turned out that Bainî was barren. She was completely unable to bear children, despite her desperate wishes to have a child to call her own, though she did not let it get in the way of the pairs relationship, and they continued, as happy as ever, until the fateful time of the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas. Obviously, as a warrior of the Light, Thandor was among the soldiers defending the city against the Scourge filth, protecting the Ranger General to his last breath. He was struck down by the rampaging undead, the city fell and was broken. Bainî herself had been hiding, as she had been told to by her husband, not one to disobey her lovers wishes at the best of times, and so was spared, crawling out to find her childhood home, and that she shared with her husband, in ruins. Nothing was left, that had not already been looted. She was alone, afraid, and had little but a purse and the clothes upon her back. Namely, her dark silk shirt (a birthday gift one year), her common, purple dress, thigh-high boots, underwear, a silver anklet given as an anniversary gift one year, her wedding band, and a golden ring shaped like a dragon, one of two matching ones Thandor had gotten for the two before their marriage, and her most treasured possession.

Of course, the poor girl was completely heartbroken when she managed to find her husbands broken body, her mental state taking a turn for the worst, eventually it would turn to sever depression. But on that day, she felt hate for the first time. For the Scourge, that had taken all that she held dear in a heartbeat. She salvaged what she could, taking with her her fallen husbands shield, sword, and baubles, including the matching golden dragon ring.

In time, after Silvermoon had been rebuilt, depression began to set in. She had no money, no home, no lover to support her, and lost her job shortly afterwards due to her frequent breakdowns. She was a vagrant on the streets, losing count of the passing years, eventually scrounging enough money to buy a change of clothes. By some stroke of luck amidst the darkness, she managed to find her way to a little, tucked away house that had been abandoned, and yet still had a door and bed. She adopted it as her home, and after that, things began to get a little better. She found a little gold pouch tucked away behind the broken cabinet, but then things got worse again. She became a drunk, after discovering how easily she could forget her problems when completely under the sway of alcohol, and so this continued for years.

To summarise, Bainî is a nice girl, but with an extremely troubled past, who is rather unable to cope with such without the support she receives, and even then, completely lacks confidence. She is a skilled healer and defensive fighter, and has shown skill in mounted combat, but will not admit to herself how good she is. She does not regard herself as ever doing anything special, merely saying that her deeds are the 'right thing to do'.

I do hope this was not too long and boring to read, and not too disbelievable according to lore, as I'm sure most of you could correct anything I have done wrong.

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