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Post  Ruz on Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:41 pm

Hallo. By the way, I have got onto teh forums! mwaha!

Ruzrel is a curious Troll hunter who loves the outdoors. His previous assignment from Sen'jin (to explore Outland thoroughly and bring back research specimens, also any signs of positive or negative voodoo) has changed slightly in his eyes, in light of changes that he thinks affects both Horde and Alliance, and is undergoing some spiritual awakenings. He's fairly open minded, quick to voice an opinion, but respectful of his superiors (Caer'jin, mon!). Once moved into an action, it is hard to shake him from it, and this applies to warfare, hunting and even matters of emotion. Matters that the even the feral Ruz is slowly learning about...
Ruz loves his tusks, sweaty night time runs with his Stranglethorn tiger Rummy, and snatching fruit from the trees of Terokkar Forest with his Outlandian warp stalker Ramone. Upon joining the Titans, he was overwhelmed with the amount of "elfie girlyboys", often mistaking men for women and vice versa, and in time became accustomed to them, but still thinks Trolls are better looking by far. Ruz hates gnomes ("Evil babies, mon. Wha be gwan wid dat? It not natural.")

Valthus Starscorn is a young, decadent blood elf, who flirts with everything including himself. He used to be an actor (you've probably heard of him and if you haven't, be nice, his ego is bigger than his pride) part of a touring Sin'dorei theatre troupe known as the Sunwell Striders. His previous success of defeating his mana addiction was soured by the fact he realised he had replaced it with an addiction to blood, and joined the Titans in order to try and cure himself of it, although not many know this fact. He is fabulous, obsessed with appearances, and can't help but relish bloodspill still, usually keeping it to that of his and his guild's enemies. He does nurture a craving for power, though he thinks it can be tamed and disciplined. He loves everything pretty (which includes most, if not all, of the Titans). The pet names he gives his fellow pretties may be seen as superficial and shallow, but Val genuinely means them. He has a sweet spot for royalty of any kind, and thinks Lady Sylvanas is "simply essential".
Even if he was aware of his fickle sexuality, he would probably shrug it off, preferring to think of anyone and everyone as potential playthings.

By the way, he is also fabulous. Did I say fabulous? I meant Fabulous. Dahling.

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