Recommended RP Addons. MyRolePlay, Tongues and Gryphonheart Items

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Recommended RP Addons. MyRolePlay, Tongues and Gryphonheart Items Empty Recommended RP Addons. MyRolePlay, Tongues and Gryphonheart Items

Post  Caeruleagos on Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:18 pm

There are several addons out there that can help improve your WoW RP experience. I'll list the ones I use here. Feel free to post your own suggested ones too.

MyRolePlay (MRP):
This is an addon that lets you add a description of your character that others can read. You can also add names and titles. It is a very useful addon, and many people use it, or mods with overlapping features that are compatable with this one. It may also help you recognise RPers who are in other locations than a major city or currently engaged in RP.

If you're going to be speaking a language your character normally won't have access to, this addon is the one to get. Those who use this mod can let their character speak any language, and only those that have the mod and have a character that knows the same language can understand you. So if you want to speak with demons or the elements, make sure to download this mod.

Gryphonheart Items:
This addon lets you make custom items stored in an extra bag icon. People with this mod can exchange these items and use them. This can be quite useful for storylines, but you can also write out your own books with it, which you may also enjoy.

All of which can be found on the site of wow curse. Just google WoW Curse and you will be linked to the addon site where you can find the addons, or just google the addon. Good luck and enjoy!


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