Meeting Notes 9.12.11 (condensed)

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Meeting Notes 9.12.11 (condensed) Empty Meeting Notes 9.12.11 (condensed)

Post  Leayona on Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:29 am

Hakoon: Believes Panda people feel kinda daft? Discussion was had about the ups and downs of the coming expansion, ending mostly positive.
Caerule: New recruitment post. Bump it people! Will possibly start more activly recruiting soon. RPNetwork and RPSocial channels should help here.
New forums and website coming soon to an interwebs near you! Enjoy them.
Thanks Volheim for the Teamspeak and all your hard work.
Volt and Keepers get mod roles on the new website. Keeping track of forum activity.

New talisman feature. Using two people who both have talismans, we can now summon anyone else with a talisman (H.G.W.T. Perk). The more summoners there are, the less exhaustion they all feel, and visa versa.
As of now, it is more important than ever that arguements are not carried out over the talismen. Contact the other person privately if you have a disagreement.

Simili: There have only been Keepers and the Sub-commander that are of higher rank than average members for a long time. It is high time for another member to have seniority over the keepers, should Master Caerule not be present to give orders to them.
Further more, there should be a clearer chain of command for who has command over which branch of the titans.
The lifebinders need a permanent keeper. Gosa is one temporary substitute. Angronas, if he showed up more could be promoted. No others show good potential as yet. It is decided Angronas will take the title, if willing, for now at least.
Axilya given the "Head Keeper" role. Axilya will moderate the keepers, she is not to be brought into the petty squabbles of ordinary members, that is the keepers job. Axilya will deal with any issues involving keepers.

Lirael. She's a manipulative little so and so, and will twist anything you say. So don't say anything to her if you can avoid it.

Disciples: Lynari, Hakoon and Sallah. Juliet,
Guardian: Khaelyn, Zigtsu.
Observer: Axilya.

The war:
Things are going swimmingly! Keep it up everyone.
However darker things like N'zoth are behind it all. An old god who is only using Deathwing as but a pawn. Should the Hour of Twilight be stopped, this Old God must still be defeated.
Baby steps though. Let's start with completely killing of the black dragonflight. They really have to go.


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