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Witch Doctor Vozin of the Darkspear Empty Witch Doctor Vozin of the Darkspear

Post  Aerthal on Mon Aug 01, 2011 10:42 am

Vozin. Vozin of the Darkspear, Witch Doctor. Vozin thought to himself as he visioned introducing his new self to his fellow Troll or other of the Horde, and revelled in great joy of the wondrous dream to become reality, yet in quiet contemplation. His father, Juzin, had agreed, reluctantly, to take him as an apprentice. Finally, Vozin wondered again. Reluctantly because Juzin was not quite sure what his young offspring would use his newly found powers for. Nevertheless, Vol'jin had made it clear that the Trolls would need every able hand they could get right now. With Garrosh Hellscream in charge, the Trolls were placed into a difficult position. Vol'jin shared no respect to the new Warchief whatsoever, not until ex-Warchief Thrall had convinced him otherwise.

Vozin comes from a family with a long history of Witch Doctors. It was certainly in his blood, like it was in Juzin's, and before him. Only Vozin's inexperience with the Horde and young age forced Juzin consider day and night to train him before the final decision. Vozin was Juzin's only descendant. Sooner or later, he'd have to reveal the secrets of the Witch Doctor to the young Troll, were he to ensure that their teachings passed on in their kin as it had for many years before.

However, passing the secrets wasn't Juzin's only concern, there were many reasons why he would've refused to teach him, yet atleast. Despite having the hiding Witch Doctor in Vozin, he was very impulsive. This made a Witch Doctor in training to be highly dangerous. Would Vozin use his powers for the wrong reasons, it might end up in a disaster, for Vozin, for Juzin and everyone around them. Especially when the relationship between Vol'jin and the new Warchief was extremely delicate, there was no room for failure.

Juzin built confidence over the passing week before he made the decision to train Vozin to become a full-fledged Witch Doctor. Juzin sent Vozin on a journey of proving, a Rite of Passage, in which he would be able to prove himself to be worthy of the responsibilities he was to face.


Vozin knelt before a fireplace, adorned with both rocks and skulls of animals and humanoid alike. Juzin observed from the background, thoughtfully examining every gesture and action of Vozin as he carefully prepared a ritual of sort. Vozin calmly crushed a mixture of herbs and a piece of blue cloth into a small clay pot, proceeding to smash them into fine powder. A raven warbled in a small wooden cage beside the fireplace. Vozin reached for the hatch of the cage, opening it carefully. He stuck his hand to grasp the raven, pulling it out slowly. He then took a pinch of the powder, tossing it into the fire. The fire engulfed the powder, and blazed with a roar. Grasping the dagger beside him and bringing it to the raven's neck, he chanted the following in Zandali.

"Spirits of Loa, Masters of the Plane of the Dead. Akil'darah, Spirit of the Eagle, hear me now. Accept this sacrifice as a new servant in the Plane of the Dead. In return, I wish you, Ruler of the Skies, sought the mind of Gosa Summerwing of the Hand of the Titans, granting speech both ways."

The dagger pushed against the raven, and the ever-growing volume of warbling was silenced. Blood spluttered from the animal on the sand and into the flames. Vozin's eyeballs turned white, absent of pupils. His head was thrown back as he gazed blindly to the skies, finding himself soaring through the air in a black and white vision, heading towards Orgrimmar. A glimpse of an elven figure was seen in a Valley within Orgrimmar. Everything was black and white in the vision, except the figure in blue attires.

Vozin proceeded to butcher the Orcish tongue as he engaged into conversation with the elf.

"Ah tink dis be workin' den, no? If ya can 'ear ah, ya can reply by focusin' ya's eyes on da birdie circlin' above ya. Ah be no enemy o' ya's..."


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