Rebuilding Shattered Morales and Lost Auras

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Rebuilding Shattered Morales and Lost Auras Empty Rebuilding Shattered Morales and Lost Auras

Post  Cythric on Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:52 am

As I start to write this, I plan on making a short story on how Solarion rebuilt the mansion at Dandred's fold, with help from others. However, after two hours of writing, I realise that this is a lot more fun than I even expected, so I do not know how long this is going to be, how many chapters it will take before we reach the conclusion, but so far I've had tons of fun writing this, and I wish to share this joy with all of you. Have fun. Feel free to leave any comments, and I am willing to revise and adapt anything if you feel it is not properly portraying your character. And apologies in advance for any typos.

Chapter 1: Taking in the damage.

It was a bright and sunny day in the Hillsbrad Foothills, a gentle summer breeze rustled the leaves on the towering trees comprising the beautiful landscape surrounding Dandred's fold. This beauty, however, did not persist as Solarion Cythric's gaze fell upon his once so beautiful mansion. The long redhaired bangs that usually draped at the sides of a soft smile or gentle chuckle, now encased a deep, worried frown.

A deep, frustrated sigh escaped the brightly green robed sin'dorei as he walked up to the wrecked building. A few cursewords were muttered in his mothertongue, in the direction of a certain orc/ogre hybrid. At a few meters before the door, he stopped and slowly looked to his left, before gazing up and finishing a circle to look at the door again. He saw many cracks in the wall where it was punched and smashed, the concrete and wood bulging outward as it was strained beyond the powers it was designed to hold. As far as he could see, the front of the roof had collapsed backwards, most likely due to a lack of supporting struts inside the building itself.

With another deep, heavy sigh, Solarion slowly pushed the door open, which had been left unlocked after Letheia Chillwind had made her way inside to salvage two chairs at Solarion's request, while he himself was away in the Stonetalon mountains, the day after the mansion had been devestated. The door cracked, and with a high-pitched clinking sound, the hinges holding the door up fell apart, causing the door to slowly collapse forward. Solarion looked up with a start and jumped backwards slightly, shielding his face with his arms from anything that might come flying his way. With a deafening thud the door landed on the cracked wooden planks comprising the bottom floor. Along with the roaring crash, the sound of ceramics being crushed echoed through the hills. Another curseword escaped Solarion's lips.

After regaining his composure, the ginger blood elf made his way back to the entrance of his home, thoroughly displeased by the amount of sunlight that was iluminating his home from sources other than the windows. He looked around and saw that the floor was littered with broken tiles from the roof, guessing that those were the things he heard breaking into even more pieces beneath the heavy, reinforced door. He looked up at where beams of sunlight were shedding an uncomfortable light on the ravaged insides of the mansion. The door had caused a lot of dust to whirl up into the air, creating an eerie gloom despite the abundance of sunlight.

Solarion slowly stepped over the door, immediately to his left but instead of reaching the open space beneath the staircase that had been used so frequently by guests to deposit, or rather dump, thick cloaks, armor and muddy shoes, his head hit a loose wooden step of the staircase that dangled dangerously low for something that was supposed to be just a few inches lower than the upper floor. Solarion yelped out as his forehead struck against the wood, rubbing his head while muttering in annoyance before casting a minor healing spell just in case.

With a continued frown, he slowly looked to his right, the dust was slowly starting to settle, but all he could see were chunks of wood and splinters no larger than his forearm. The recognisable pattern of his favourite cup in shards right against the wall. Two chairs and a small table were absolutely destroyed, chopped to tiny pieces, crushed and stomped upon. But in the midst of the destruction, two spots were awkwardly clean, very clearly untouched and pristine. Upon the wood, he could see the indentations of where the two aforementioned saved chairs used to stand. Not even a single tile had fallen with in the radius of a single foot around those spots. For the first time in days, a slight smile whisked over his face.

This smile did not last very long, however. Solarion's gaze shifted further, reaching the fireplace, or rather, what used to be the fireplace. In its place lay a ton of ash-covered bricks that used to make up two floors of chimney, and two fireplaces. As he looked up, he recognised the upper bar and a few shreds of cloth that used to be a painting over the center bed in the bedroom. He eyebrows raised in shock as he realised a second later, that he was looking through the ceiling at the upper floor of the building. Heavy falling bricks had taken advantage of the weakened structural integrity of the wood after the rampage had taken place, and tore many of them down with themselves on their seven meter way down.

Solarion instinctively tried to let out another gloomy sigh, but instead dust tried to make its way into his lungs, causing him to cough violently for a minute. After taking his time to gather his senses, he looked further to his left, acknowledging his guess that the load bearing strut in the center of the building had been destroyed. The large wooden pylon had collapsed to the left, from where he was looking, having landed on the dinnertable and the cupboard closest to the staircase. Both of those lay in crushed splinters beneath the tremendously heavy key part of the house.

As a precaution, Solarion closed his eyes for a moment and formed a shield of light above his head before stepping out towards the middle of the building a bit more. With a heavy heart he glanced over the remnants of his beloved kitchen. Every single piece of the beautiful porcelain dishes he had inherited from his mother lay in ruined shards over the floor and in the sink. His largest serving platter rested upon one of the most horizontal planks of wood left, his thick chopping counter to the right of the sink. But as Solarion tried to touch and pick up the plater, he noticed he was only holding a shard no bigger than two fingers, the rest of the platter suddenly collapsing due to the imperfect pressure upon the many cracks that had formed.

Solarion's lips curled up into an angry hiss, visions of a terrible assault upon a large, green-skinned figure flashing before his eyes before he took another deep, slow breath, regaining his calm. He slowly became aware of the sound of running water. With a confused look he glanced down, noticing the water-pipe that connected the mansion to the water tower next to it, had been smashed right at the point where it entered the building and water had slowly soaked the kitchen corner of the house, before fleeting away through a large crack in the wall facing the lake. Solarion just frowned and shook his head, there was nothing he could do about that right now. Instead he just continued to look around.

It wasn't until now, that Solarion slowly began to realise that the wall, and some parts of the floor, were covered in thick, viscous, dark-red almost black blood. With a startled expression, the usually so confident sin'dorei backed away hurriedly, letting out a shocked gasp before almost stumbling on the stump where the supporting strut used to be. Solarion slowly looked around, noticing that the black blood was dripping down every single wall. Even days after the attack, it hadn't coagulated and was still slowly obeying gravity, making its way towards the floor.

Solarion stopped for a moment, looking down idly as he tried to think of what to do next. His instincts told him that non-coagulating blood could only mean trouble. He fell back on his basic training, the way he was taught to analyze the blood of a patient as it was still running through its veins. Instead, he applied this technique to the blood adorning the usually meticulously scrubbed walls. A quick surge of light over the wallpaper revealed nothing. That is, not that everything was in order, but that his light couldn't make heads or tails of what it was trying to analyze.

Solarion murmured to himself, now standing on top of the fallen strut as he tried to recall all of his training and experience on this matter. 'If you can't scan the blood, broaden your search and try analyzing as you would any liquid.' Solarion nodded to himself and closed his eyes, opening his mind to more than just the regular properties of blood. But as soon as he did this, dark visions of demonc presences and the Lich King tried to invade his mind. He quickly ceased all of his magical activities, but the conclusion had already been drawn. The blood was almost a hundred percent Saronite.


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Rebuilding Shattered Morales and Lost Auras Empty Chapter 2

Post  Cythric on Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:12 am

Chapter 2: The Corruption.

A shiver slowly crept down Solarion Cythric's spine, the tiny hairs on the back of his neck standing on end as if electrocuted. The blood dripping down the walls of his once so homely and meticulously maintained house were covered in highly toxic blood. Very slowly the red-headed blood elf looked beneath himself. By a stroke of luck, he hadn't stepped in any of the smears and drops on the floor. The worries of his ruined house were now pushed into the background of his consciousness as a new problem had risen. A house could be rebuilt, but a Saronite infection would take much more effort to rectify.

It didn't take long for Solarion to come up with a way to safely depart the wrecked building. He took a deep breath and started to focus on the light within him. After a few seconds, the two crystals, both of a different shape, on the edge of the staff that was strapped to the back of his robes, started to glow dimly. Solarion's gaze shifted down before his eyes closed completely. Very slowly a feather made from pure light sparked into existance in front of his face, and only a moment later, it dispersed into a million tiny sparkles of light, quickly covering every part of his robes equally.

Solarion opened his eyes again, and as he took a step forward, his foot landed in midair, about half a meter above the floorboards, as if it were solid ground. Carefully and with extreme caution, the floating sin'dorei made his way back towards the ruined doorpost, stepping up above the heavy door. As his body lifted up further above the ground, to levitate above the door just as he had done above the floorboards, the door itself creaked slightly, the muffled sound of ceramics being crushed by the transference of the pressure of his weight causing his long, unadorned ears to twitch slightly.

With a slight, relieved murmur escaping his lips, Solarion made it out of the mansion without touching anything else. Now that he was safe once more, he took a deep slow breath. After a minute or so, the blood elf looked up at the sun with a pleased squint before starting to check his hands and robes to see if he had gotten any of the infected blood on himself during his time inside the ruins. Not finding any, he quickly made his way to the large lake that Dandred's fold was located next to. He kneeled down on the wooden pier close to his home and stared intently at the reflection of his face in the water. After a thorough examination, he determined that he really hadn't gotten a single drop of blood on himself.

Solarion slowly shifted back, and sat down upon the sturdy wooden planks of the pier. He slowly looked to his right and over his shoulder. From this angle the devestation was even more obvious. He could see parts of the walls were missing, and a clear view of the collapsed roof. He also noticed the water seeping through the cracks in the wall, but even from this distance, it was obvious that the water was murky and dark as it was slowly absorbed by the soil.

Slightly startled, Solarion quickly crawled back to his feet, but as he did so, he placed his left foot on the rim of his robes, causing him to momentarily lose his balance as he started to tilt over towards the water. With a slight yelp Solarion took a precious second to make sure his right foot was securely placed down on nothing but plank before he pushed himself in the other direction, smoothing it all out into a slight jog past the toolshed on the pier, towards the wrecked wall that used hold up the kitchen that he was so proud of.

As he looked down upon the liquid flowing through the cracks at the bottom of the wall, Solarion confirmed that the water that was being drained, was being mixed with the Saronite infected blood before reaching the outside of the wall. The ground around the spill was already showing signs of withering away. Solarion looked around frantically for anything he could do, his eyes lighting up as his gaze fell upon the toolshed.

With a hurried pace, Solarion stepped up to the small wooden shed, a slight hesitation in his actions before he pulled the door wide open. With great care he moved several items out of the way, including a small black wooden box, a handshovel and a seed dispenser (tin can with a perforated bottom). He then reached a much larger shovel, and several big buckets. He quickly filled up half of one of the buckets with preciously conserved clay before making his way back to the mansion, a bucket suspended on the hollow of each of his elbows while his hands firmly gripped the shovel.

The buckets clanged together violently as they were tossed down on the grass along with the shovel, just a few feet away from the tainted soil. Solarion quickly set the buckets back upright before pushing the shovel into the soil about 20 centimeters around the corruption. As he started to dig out the dying earth, he muttered another annoyance to himself. He wished he still had the wheelbarrow that had been so versatile in the many months he had lived in the mansion. It had served as a nest, a bed, a target for games, and of course the function it was cut out for, especially in this situation, the easy storage and transportation of materials.

Solarion quickly shrugged this inconvenience off, and focussed on making due with the tools he had. As soon as he had dug out a fair portion of soil around the spill, he reached into the second bucket, and very carefully peeled of chunks and bits of clay, starting to seal off the crack while being very careful about not coming into contact with the water itself. After the rupture in the wall had been sealed off to the best of his abilities, Solarion added something to his plan on a whim. He closed his eyes and muttered a soft prayer before holding his hands out towards the bulging clay protruding from the wall. Very slowly he could feel the air around it starting to heat up, and after several minutes, the clay started to harden, becoming completely solid and allowing the water no further passage into the earth.

With a saddened look, Solarion realised what he had to do next. He left the buckets where they were and slowly walked up towards the corner in the walls to his left, hopping over the fence to the small orchard before looking up at the water tower that was directly connected to the remnants of his kitchen. His lower lip slowly pushed his upper lip up even further in an expression of regret, before his mind started to drift towards a source of anger. His focus came to rest upon the events where his first makeshift house upon the speedbarge floating in the Thousand Needles was destroyed. After a long, solemn breath, his eyes darted open and his right hand extended forwards, towards the pipe that connected the water tower to the ruins of his home.

Light started to crackle all around him and flashed from all three crystals on his staff, the two on the upper edge and the one that came into contact with the ground so very often, before a power smite spell came crashing down upon the wooden and metal construction. The pipe immediately gave way and tore apart at the exact spot where the light exerted such a tremendous burst of force. Water immediately began to gush out over the earth in a steady flush, soaking it in a straight line towards the lake.

Solarion quickly stepped aside, away from the running water, before he leaned back against the wooden fence around the orchard. He took another deep breath, this one to relax as the situation seemed stable, at least for now.

His right hand quickly tucked into the collar of his robe, producing a beautifully adorned talisman with the familiar markings of the order he was a part of. The order which he had granted this mansion as a base of operations. Solarion's focus hazed as he stared ahead of him at nothing in particular while his mind drifted through the talisman, before starting a tremendous journey towards his beloved Wandua. The center jewel of the talisman started to glow a soft, purple light, indicating a private conversation, whereas a blue light would indicate communication over the public channel.

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